Evidence for Society Conference. November 8, 2017

In this Conference evidence of the social impact achieved by EU funded projects will be presented by different agents including scientists, policy makers representing different levels of policy implementation – regional, national and European- as well as end-users who have benefited from the social impact of EU research. Conference website: here Registration link: here

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Citizens, Research and Social Impact: Open Seminar on the Scientific, Political and Social Impact of Social Sciences and Humanities

All social organizations, institutions and research group need to report the social impact they are achieving, this is, the improvements for the society that its activity are creating. The Seminar will open to the citizens and the social agents, the public debate on the impact of research to the society. December, 15. Ateneu Barcelonès, Barcelona. [...]

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Socially Inclusive Education: Connecting Research to policy and practice. Brussels, 23 November 2016

Dragana Amramov, researcher of the IMPACT-EV consortium and member of the European Expert Network on Economics of Education (EENEE), participates in this Conference organized by the European Commission, DG Education and Culture. More information on:

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IMPACT-EV at EVALUATION2016 the annual congress of The American Evaluation Association

A team of researchers from the University of Barcelona and the University Rovira I Virgili presented the IMPACT-EV’s approach on Social impact assessment at the Annual Conference of the American Evaluation Association. This conference is attended by more than 5000 people, from different countries and backgrounds, leading the international debate on how we can measure [...]

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1st Conference on Social Impact of Science (SIS2016)

The 1st Conference on Social Impact of Science (SIS2016) gathered researchers, publishers and stakeholders from more than 40 countries. Through five days of outstanding discussions, this has been a turning point for the Opening new horizons for sciences and societies. For those interested, there is a Facebook public group to continue the collaboration and share [...]

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Workshop “Identification, location and temporal evolution of topics” KNOWeSCAPE – Analyzing the dynamics of information and knowledge landscapes, Budapest. August 29-30, 2016

The workshop builds on a number of activities the COST Action Knowescape TD1210 has supported related to questions such as “What is a topic in science?” “How can research diversity be measured?” “How can we visualise topics, problem areas, specialties and how can we use such visualisations for navigation?” This workshop is co-funded together with [...]

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IMPACT-EV Webinar: Assessing the impact of SSH: Current situation and future prospects. 20 January, 2016.

Programme State of the art on impact assessment in SSH. SSH national evaluation systems. Insights and comparative issues. Marisa Ronan and Teresa Sordé. Are SSH so different? From social impact of SSH to social impact of Sciences. Speakers Emanuela Reale. Institute for Economic Research on Firms and Growth (CERIS–CNR), Italy. Marisa Ronan. Centre for Environmental [...]

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Impact Assessment Seminar: Open seminar on the scientific, political and social impact of SSH.

This seminar is organized within the framework of the FP7 project IMPACT-EV, Evaluating the impact and outcomes of SSH research. The objective of the seminar is to re-elaborate the criteria for the evaluation of the scientific, politic and social impact of the SSH in Europe. The seminar will be held on 2nd October at the [...]

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1st Conference on Social Impact of Sciences. July 2016, Barcelona.

The 1st Conference on Social Impact of Sciences (SIS2016) will be held 25th-29th July, 2016 in Barcelona and there are already registered participants from all disciplines. The main objective of SIS2016 is to take a relevant step forward in the analysis of the investigations that are having more social impact (in the different scientific domains), [...]

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