ORCID offers us, free of cost, the opportunity to take a big step forward towards the recognition of our collective important task for the society and the international visibility and recognition of our individual curriculum. ORCID is formed by universities (Harvard, MIT, University of Cambridge, University of Oxford), companies (Thomson-Reuters, Elsevie) and foundations (Wellcome Trust), and also by large research structures such as the CERN or International initiatives for free access to scientific knowledge, such as PLOS. ORCID is an ID for each individual researcher. The curriculum it contains is available and operating anywhere in the world.


For the first time, ORCID has included in its Board of Directors a SSH researcher in order to advance towards the equal treatment of our areas, compared to other disciplines.

Within the IMPACT-EV project, the workshop on Social Sciences and Humanities meet ORCID: Towards a fruitful collaboration will be a space not only for sharing information and advice in order to achieve successful individual participation with this ID, but also to discuss and reflect collectively about what the involvement of SSH should be. For example, given the flexibility and openness of ORCID towards the demands of researchers, we will have the opportunity to propose how we want our different areas to be recognized.

The conference will take place at the University of Barcelona on May 15 from 11:00 to 17:00 hours. Among others, Dr. Vicente Royuela (AQR Member, Faculty of Economics and Business UB, team member and coordinator of an FP7 project), Teresa Sordé (PhD Harvard, a member of GEDIME, UAB and of an FP7 project), Carme Muñoz (coordinator of the Language Acquisition research Group, UB) and Ignasi Pastó (general coordinator of research at the Catalan Institute of Human Paleoecology and Social Evolution) will present their perspective. The workshops will also account with the presence of the two persons from Spain who are most closely related to ORCID: Marta Soler (ORCID Board of Directors) and Consol Garcia (ORCID Outreach Steering Group, UPC).

Registration: http://impact-ev.eu/jornadesorcid/ (the sessions for this event will be held in Catalan)