ram_fleDepartment of Science Policy and Scientometrics, Library and Information Center of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary.

András Schubert holds a PhD in chemistry from the Technical University of Budapest (Hungary). He switched from physical chemistry to library & information science in 1979, when he joined to the Information Science & Scientometrics Research Group (ISSRU) of the Hungarian Academy of Science (Budapest, Hungary). As the Head of the Bibliometrics Service, he lead dozens of research projects, published more than a hundred research papers and held numerous lectures on conferences and courses. His main research interest is the construction and analysis of scientometric indicators (particularly at macro-level) and the study of the network structure of scientific research communities.

He is the Editor of the journal Scientometrics; won the Derek John de Solla Price Medal in 1993; is listed in the ISI Highly Cited Researchers database as the only representant of scientometrics.