Dr. Benedetto Lepori holds a PhD in Communication Sciences at the University of Lugano. He is coordinator of the European Network of Indicators’ Designers inside the PRIME Network of Excellence of the FP6 and chair of the PRIME indicators conference series. Since 1996, he is responsible of the Research Service of the university and is head of the research group on management and performance of research and higher education institutions in the Centre of Organisational Research (CORe) of the Faculty of Economics. For the last years he has participated with Emanuela Reale in the EC-JOREP project, an EC funded project on Joint and Open Research Programmes. The main areas of their research are the development of new indicators for the analysis of public funding of research and in the use of indicators for characterizing scientific fields, especially in Social Sciences and Humanities. He has also expertise in the domain of science and higher education policy and coordinated diversity of research projects according to these lines of research. Finally, another element to be highlighted is that Lepori coordinated the ERAWATCH policy mix report for Switzerland in 2009.

Selected publications: Seeber M., Lepori B., Lomi A., Barberio V., I. A. (2012). Factors affecting web links between European higher education institutions. Journal of Informetrics, 6(2012), 435-447; Lepori B., Reale E. (2012). S&T indicators as a tool for formative evaluation of research programs. Evaluation, 18(4), 451-465; Lepori B., Reale E., Tijssen R. (2011). Designing indicators for policy decisions: challenges, tensions and good practices. Introduction to a special issue. Research Evaluation, 20(1), 3-5; Probst Schilter C., Lepori B., De Filippo D., Ingenhoff D. (2011). Profiles and beyond: constructing consensus on measuring research output in communication sciences. Research Evaluation, 20(1), 73-88; Lepori B. (2011). Coordination modes in public research funding. Research Policy, 40(3), 355-367; Svein K., Lepori B. (2010). Research in the non-university higher education sector in Europe. Springer, Dordrecht.