ram_fleRamón Flecha. Main researcher of the IMPACT-EV project. Professor of Sociology at the University of Barcelona. Dr Honoris Causa by Vest Timisoara University.

He has been the Main Researcher of the FP5 project WORKALO and the FP6 large scale project INCLUD-ED, among other research projects at the national and international level. INCLUD-ED was the only SSH project highlighted by the European Commission among the ten Success Stories of the Framework Programme of research. The results of INCLUD-ED were included in key EC communications such as “Tackling Early School Leaving” (January 2011) and approved in EU Parliament resolutions such as “EU strategy on Roma inclusion” (March 2011). The results of WORKALO had been also approved by unanimity at the EU Parliament (April 2005). As a result of Flecha’s research there are more than 120 schools transformed into Learning Communities and achieving outstanding academic and social improvements with excluded populations (see http://comunidadesdeaprendizaje.net). Besides, he has created with Erik Olin Wright an international network on competitive cooperativism and social economy. His research was used for the creation of employment in one of the poorest neighbourhoods in Spain (see http://www.coopmfenollera.com). Flecha’s work on competitive cooperativism, Roma rights, Learning Communities, preventive socialization of gender violence and communicative methodology has been published in 12 different languages in books and top ranked international peer-reviewed journals.

He has also been appointed for the Connect-EU network in SSH, a network seeking to enhance the presence and impact of Catalan research in SSH in Europe, from universities and research centres, as well as from institutes, foundations, science parks and associations.