Dr. Sándor Soós is the principal investigator and Head of Department at MTAK KIK-TTO. His research fields are scientometrics and the modelling of science (bibliometrics, network analysis, science mapping). He received his PhD degree in Cognitive Sciences and wrote his thesis on the formal modelling of an interdisciplinary scientific discourse. He acted as the PI at MTAK KIK-TTO of the recent FP7 Science in Society project SISOB (Science in Society Observatorium) and has participated in various national and international large-scale projects (TEXTREND: Development of a business and governmental decision support toolbox using trend- and text-analysis tools, funded by the National Office for Research and Technology; DYNANETS: Computing Real-World Phenomena with Dynamically Changing Complex Networks, FP7 FET-Open project) related, through use cases, to research policy and modelling. He owns a research scholarship in scientometrics from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (János Bolyai Research Scholarship), and is a regular reviewer for the international journals Scientometrics and JASIST.